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Jared McVay

JARED McVAY is a four-time award-winning author. He writes several genres, including - westerns, fantasy, action/adventure, and children’s books. Before becoming an author, he was a professional actor on stage, in movies and on television. As a young man he was a cowboy, a rodeo clown, a lumberjack, a power lineman, a world-class sailor and spent his military time with the Navy Sea Bees where he learned his electrical trade. When not writing you can find him fishing somewhere, or traveling around and just enjoying life with his girlfriend, Jerri.

dave whitehead bw

Ben Bridges

BEN BRIDGES- Ben's real name David
Whitehead, and under His own name and the pen-names "Ben Bridges”, "Glenn Lockwood", "Matt Logan", "Carter West” (a name he shared with Link Hullar), "Doug Thorne" (a name he shared with Alfred Wallon) and "Janet Whitehead" he's spent the last three decades writing westerns, romances, horror and SF. Most of his horrors, thrillers and all of his Sherlock Holmes yarns were written in collaboration with Hollywood TV legend Steve Hayes. For ease of reference, most of his books have now been reissued under his best-known pseudonym -- Ben Bridges.

Howard Hopkins bw

Howard Hopkins

Howard Hopkins is the author of over 40 novels in the horror, western, comic book, science fiction and pulp adventure genres. His gritty, action-packed western novels are a fan favorite and were previously published by Robert Hale Ltd. under the pen name Lance Howard.

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